Exilis Ultra 360

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Exilis Ultra 360 is an advanced technology for non-surgical body sculpting and skin tightening on both women and men. It suits all skin types and can be done in all seasons. With Exilis Ultra 360, you can safely and effectively reduce unwanted fat accumulations and improve skin elasticity in problem areas such as stomach, waist, hips, thighs, arms and neck. Exilis is fantastic for the whole face, also on the lips and around the eyes. Of course also for neck and double chin and décolletage. It can also improve and firm the bust and help with gynecomastia (male breasts).

Exilis Ultra 360 uses a combination of radio frequency and ultrasound technology to penetrate deep into the skin and loosen fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer while, by heating the dermis, stimulates collagen production to improve skin texture and speed. This means that while the fat is reduced, the skin is tightened, which means that you achieve two results at the same time, which is magical!

The treatment is painless, many experience it similar to a hot stone massage. It takes about 30-80 minutes per session depending on which and how many areas you wish to do. The result is always individual. A course is usually carried out with an interval of 7-10 days between sessions and the general 4-5 treatments to achieve optimal results. Most patients see noticeable results and a lift already after the first treatment. The tightening goes back slightly after the first day and then radically improves during the following 2-3 months when new collagen fibers are formed, which leads to further tightening and lifting of the skin, reduction of wrinkles, better glow and a fresher appearance. A new treatment is recommended after about 6-12 months to maintain the result.

Exilis Ultra 360 is a non-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction and skin surgery. It is also an excellent complement to a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise to achieve a slimmer and firmer body.

Contact us today to learn more about Exilis Ultra 360 and how it can help you achieve your body goals without surgery or lengthy recovery time!

For those of you who have inelastic, loose skin, stubborn fat deposits or a mummy stomach.The treatment is suitable for all ages and skin types. It can be performed on the whole body.

You should not undergo treatment if you have any of the following:

  1. Heart diseas
  2. Cancer disease
  3. Inflammation/ Infection
  4. Isotretinoin in the last 12 months (acne medicine)
  5. Kidney/liver disease
  6. Scleroderma (connective tissue disease)
  7. Epilepsy
  8. Implants/Metals locally in the body
  9. Varicose veins in the area
  10. Diabetes
  11. Nerve damage in the area
  12. Ablative treatments in the last 3 months
  13. Fillers/ Botox 1 month
  14. Pregnant/ Lactating
  15. Pacemaker
  16. Blood diseases

Technical details

Exilis Ultra 360 - How it works

Skin tightening with Exilis uses EFC™ (Energy Flow Control) to combine ultrasound and radio frequency technologies to target specific body parts, while controlling the amount of energy focused on a single area. This means a very safe and effective technology. The ultrasound technology provides maximum flexibility to safely treat basically all body parts.

Exilis Ultra focuses heat deep into the skin but at the same time cools effectively to provide maximum comfort during the treatment.

The heat penetrates the skin and the surrounding fat cells are overheated to open up and leak fat lipids that are flushed out through the lymphatic system. The heat energy also stimulates the production of collagen, which tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and gives volume back to the skin.

Advanced cooling – layering

Layering means that energy is delivered to different depths in the tissue. The Exilis applicator is designed so that you can change energy and cooling directly during a treatment and you can treat from deep tissue all the way up to the superficial layer.

The key to aesthetic treatments is to treat effectively with as high energy levels as possible without compromising the patient’s comfort. Real-time temperature monitoring when body sculpting with Exilis Ultra provides the best control for precise tissue heating.

Exilis Ultra 360 provides maximum energy without discomfort for you as a patient.

Reduction of wrinkles and improvement of skin elasticity

BEFORE – Uneven skin surface is caused by loss of collagen during natural aging.

UNDER – Heat energy disrupts old collagen fibers and initiates the new formation of collagen.

AFTER – EXILIS ULTRA 360™  treatment leads to visible improvement of the skin.

Fat reduction and skin tightening

BEFORE – Skin laxity caused by loss of connective tissue due to natural aging process and storage of excess fat.

UNDER – 360 volumetric heating disrupts old collagen fibers and initiates the process of new collagen formation.

AFTER – Fat cells are disrupted and fat is removed via the process of apoptosis. This leads to a visible improvement in skin tightening and fat reduction.

This post is also available in: Svenska