Medical laser

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Welcome to Laser Toppen which is a collaboration with A Beauty Light.
My name is Lena Hellqvist and I am a certified laser therapist and licensed nurse.
I use medical MID laser to treat various ailments such as most types of injuries, inflammations, various pain conditions, osteoarthritis and wound injuries etc. I treat humans as well as horses and dogs.

What then is laser? Laser medicine is a medical form of treatment that is based on the light boosting the body’s ability to heal itself at the same time as it reduces or completely removes the pain.
Read more here -> Swedish Laser Medical Society


As we are currently very heavily burdened in healthcare, I have a temporary intake stop for new patients. I will return with new info about this as soon as there is any change. If you have questions about medical laser treatment, you are always welcome to write to me on messenger and I will answer as soon as I have the opportunity.


A treatment SEK 750, a treatment of 3 times SEK 2,000.
At the first visit, we give you suggestions for a customized treatment plan, price above is a guideline.


I work mainly in Huddinge and you are welcome to visit my FB page to read more about me and my treatments. Laser Toppen FB There you can also contact me via messenger.
You can also reach me by phone or SMS on 070 448 98 96.

Warm welcome!
Best regards Lena

This post is also available in: Svenska