Info for new customers from Lets Deal!

We welcome our new customers from Lets Deal! For those of you who have just bought a deal, here is some information.

Book an appointment by phone or directly here on the website during appointment booking. You who have chosen breasts, whole back or whole legs, book an hour of treatment. Those of you who have chosen a full body, book a three-hour treatment.

Remember that the areas you are going to treat should be shaved, preferably 2 days before. You must not have sunbathed within the next two weeks. You must not wax, epilate, pluck or bleach hairs. Everything about laser hair removal can be read here on the page. If you have further questions, feel free to email. We answer the phone if time allows.

If you have not already bought a deal, you will find them here, but a limited number apply throughout Christmas & New Year.


Many people wonder what is included in a “Whole Body Treatment”.
-The answer is everything but upside down. However, you should not laser areas where you do not have a troublesome hair growth.
Another common question is if it hurts?
-No, our new triple laser with super cooling does not hurt at all!
How long does each treatment take?
-Usually between 2-3 hours.

Haven’t you already tested the popular electromagnetic training trend?

Right now we have an introductory price at EM-Training where we offer a full 50% discount!

HIFEM – High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic technology is a non-invasive training method used to effectively and gently build muscle and burn fat. 30 minutes of treatment for the stomach corresponds to about 5.5 hours of training or 20,000 sit-ups. A treatment can increase muscle mass by 16% and burn 19% fat at the same time.

Valid until 30/10


Welcome to visit our Instagram @abeautylight and compete for a hair laser treatment (value SEK 1,000) 💟
The competition runs until on 30 Sep 2020.

Tired of intimate shaving?

We laser intimately on both men and women!

There are several ways to get rid of hair intimately. Shaving, waxing, epilation, diametrics, hair removal cream, IPL and laser. Here we go through the different options.

Shaving intimately

Shaving intimately takes both time and causes problems. It is easy to cut and the skin becomes irritated. Not to mention how difficult it can be to access everywhere. You often have problems with ingrown hairs. The hair that grows here is so-called terminal hair. They grow fast and if you have shaved in the morning, you can often feel the stump already in the evening.

Waxing intimately

Intimate waxing is usually done at the salon. A well-done waxing gives a completely hairless result. However, it does not last long. In addition, you need to let your hair grow out before you can do a new waxing. Waxing hurts quite a bit, especially the first few times.

Epilation, diathermy and cream intimately

Epilation (hair is pulled out with a machine) and diametrics (hair strands are killed one by one with electrical impulses) is very unusual for it to be done intimately. Both options hurt and are generally not good options for this area. Hair removal cream works for some but is not recommended for the most sensitive areas. It can both sting and cause irritation.

IPL intimate

IPL (sometimes called laser which it is not) is a lamp with diffused light that is pushed through a filter to heat up and kill the hairs. IPL hurts and is rarely effective for hair removal.

REAL laser intimate

REAL lasers are available in several designs. Alexandrite, Diode and Yag. The very latest Diode lasers are available as triple lasers. That is, all three wavelengths (laser types) in the same handset. Several of the new hair laser machines are equipped with strong cooling elements for a painless treatment (unfortunately some laser machines still hurt). A hair laser kills the hairs that are in the growth phase. Due to the fact that several treatments are needed to get rid of the hair growth. Our machine is a triple laser with super cooling.

Men intimate

Many men remove hair intimately with laser. It can be only between the buttocks and the tail or pushed forward. Some remove everything so-called Hollywood. You choose what suits you. This type of laser is not dangerous for the intimate parts and does not affect the function of the testicles. With us, you can feel safe and secure that you receive professional treatment. We have performed laser hair removal intimately on men for many years. Our machine is equipped with super cooling, which means that the treatment does not hurt. Read more about hair removal men specifically.

Women intimate

Women often remove hair intimately with a laser. Bikini line, Brazilian or Hollywood. It is also possible to laser the inside of the labia. Menstruation is not a problem with the treatment if you use a tampon or a menstrual cup. With us, you can feel safe and secure that you receive professional treatment. We have performed laser hair removal intimately on women for many years. Our machine is equipped with super cooling, which means that the treatment does not hurt. Read more about hair removal women specifically.

NOVELTY! We now perform cryo-treatments

Get rid of warts and skin blemishes in just a few seconds with Cryopen!

Cryopen works with cold to effectively treat various skin conditions. The treatment only takes a few seconds and only 1-3 treatments are required. It is a gentle treatment that works with millimeter precision that does not damage surrounding tissue.