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Privacy Policy
From 25 May 2018, the whole of Europe will have a new common law on the processing of personal data: the Data Protection Regulation. The purpose of the new legislation is to strengthen the protection of individuals’ personal data.

The most important changes in the Data Protection Regulation are that you have the right to request correction, deletion or access to your personal data. You also have the right to object to the processing of personal data and to limit the processing of your personal data.

When the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you also have the right to withdraw the consent at any time. Your revocation will not affect the legality of the processing of the data before you revoked your consent.

In addition, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for use in direct marketing, including targeted marketing, and you have the right to take part of the personal data that you have provided yourself, in a structured, ordinary and machine-readable format.

New data protection policy
It is important for us at A Beauty Light (G.C. AB) to protect our customers ‘and users’ personal data and follow the rules in the regulation. That is why we have updated our data protection policy. You can read the full updated version here.

The data protection policy is relevant to you, as you have provided the necessary personal information to A Beauty Light (G.C. AB) in connection with e.g. previous purchases, subscription to newsletters, booking of treatments or use of an online service.

Please note that these changes will take effect on May 25, 2018.


A Beauty Light, Gladö Consulting AB

A Beauty Lights (G.C. AB) Privacy Policy

At G.C. AB, we safeguard a high level of protection for our customers’ personal privacy. You should always be able to feel safe when you submit your personal information to us. With this Privacy Policy, we want to show how we ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with current personal data legislation.

1. General

“Privacy Policy” describes how we A Beauty Light, Gladö Consulting AB, corporate identity number 559015-0107, Heleneborgsgatan 44, 117 32 Stockholm, e-mail:, (“GC AB”, “we”) collect , uses, discloses and stores your personal information. The privacy policy then applies to G.C. AB provides services and products in connection with the purchase of products, treatments, customer matters and other contact with G.C. AB, such as visits to the website. The privacy policy also applies to the processing of personal data that is done within the framework of holding an account in our customer club.

2. Personal data manager

G.C. AB is responsible for personal data for the processing of your personal data and is responsible for such processing taking place in accordance with applicable legislation.

3. When do we process your personal data?

3.1 In order for you to visit our website, book treatments or buy via our web shop or contact us for service or information, we must collect and process personal information about you.

3.2 G.C. AB collects and processes personal information about you when you make a booking, regardless of whether it is on the website, in the app, in phone bookings or physically in one of our clinics / stores. The information collected from you when booking and purchasing is required in order for you to enter into an agreement with G.C. AB, in accordance with applicable law, and to G.C. AB must be able to provide its services and offers.

3.3 If you are an Account Holder, G.C. AB enters personal information about you that you provide when registering your account holdings, and during the time you are an Account Holder within the framework of your account holdings, such as your booking and purchase history.

4. What personal data do we process about you?

4.1 For you who are a customer of G.C. AB

The personal information we collect and process about you as a customer who makes a booking is:
• Name
• Date of birth
• Gender
• Any requests from you with the treatment / service

-Before / after pictures (which we have the right to use for marketing purposes)
• Address
• Telephone number and e-mail
• Payment details

5. Why do we process information about you?

5.1 For you who are a customer of G.C. AB
G.C. AB processes your personal data for various purposes. We mainly process your personal data for the purpose of:
• Fulfill our obligations to you as a customer, such as carrying out booking, purchasing, invoicing and providing support.
• Enable general customer service, such as answering questions and correcting incorrect information.
• Provide information by post, e-mail, SMS and telephone.
• Comply with applicable laws, such as accounting laws and other regulations

The information can also form the basis for statistics as well as market and customer analyzes.

5.2 For you who are an Account Holder
In addition to the enumeration above, G.C. AB personal information about Account Holders also for the purpose of:

• Manage account holdings.
• Give you the opportunity to use the benefits of Account Holdings such as the opportunity to save pre-filled tasks.
Enable communication with you as an Account Holder via mail, e-mail, telephone, app or SMS.

5.3 For you who are a member of our customer club
G.C. AB processes your personal data for the purpose of:
• Provide special offers.
• Enable communication with you via mail, email, phone, app or SMS.
• Enable personal offers, marketing and event invitations via phone, mail, e-mail, app and SMS / MMS.

6. The legal grounds for our processing of your personal data

6.1 G.C. AB bases the processing of your personal data on a number of legal grounds. These are described in this section.

6.2 We process, among other things, your personal data in order to fulfill the agreement with you as a customer, as an account holder or as a member of our customer club. For example, we need to be able to identify you as a customer in order to handle your bookings and payments.

6.3 Part of the processing of personal data that we perform is based on a so-called balancing of interests. This applies, for example, to the processing we perform to be able to send information and important messages. G.C. AB does not process sensitive personal data with the support of a balance of interests and does not perform any processing that constitutes profiling with the support of a balance of interests.

6.4 As a customer of G.C. AB processes personal data based on so-called consent. This applies, for example, to the treatment we perform to be able to send offers, information and inspiration. You can choose to revoke a consent you have given at any time. G.C. AB uses profiling to be able to send relevant information and offers to customers.

6.5 In some cases, G.C. AB has a legal obligation to process your personal data. This applies, for example, to the processing of personal data that we perform in order to be able to meet the requirements of the Accounting Act.

7. Profiling

7.1 G.C. AB can process your personal data through profiling if you are a member of our customer club or use “BokaMera”. If you are a member, information about how you use our website, about which of our services and offers you have been interested in, which of our newsletters you have interacted with, information about your bookings, purchases and information to provide you with offers that we believe are suitable is analyzed. you.

7.2 You can object to the processing of personal data by profiling at any time. You do this by emailing G.C. AB customer service: When G.C. AB has received your notification, we will cease to process your personal data for this purpose.

8. How long do we store information about you?

8.1 Your personal data will only be stored for as long as there is a need to save them in order to fulfill the purposes for which the data was collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The information you have provided for booking and booking management will be stored for up to 2 years after you have become inactive as a customer with us.

8.2 G.C. AB may save the information longer if necessary to comply with legal requirements or to monitor G.C. AB’s legal interests, e.g. whether a legal process is underway.

9. To whom do we disclose personal information?

9.1 G.C. AB may disclose your information to personal data assistants. In cases where it is necessary to be able to perform our services, we share your personal information with companies that are so-called personal data assistants for us. A personal data assistant is a company that processes information on our behalf and according to our instructions. We have personal data assistants who help us with:

• Payment solutions. Payment service providers such as banks and card redeeming companies.

• IT services. Companies in operation, technical support and maintenance of our IT solutions.

• Dissemination of information. Email and SMS services linked to traffic information

• Marketing. Media and advertising agencies. Printing and distribution. Social Media.

• Subcontractors of services in G.C. AB’s offer.

When your personal data is shared with personal data assistants, it only happens for purposes that are compatible with the purposes for which we have collected the information, e.g. to be able to fulfill our obligations under the agreement.

9.2 Personal information may further be disclosed by C.C. AB if it is necessary to comply with applicable legal requirements or requirements from authorities, to take advantage of G.C. AB’s legal interests or to detect, prevent or draw attention to fraud and other security or technical problems.

9.3 G.C. AB processes your personal data within the EU / EEA area. In cases where your data would be used outside the EU, e.g. by one of our service providers, we always ensure that there are protective measures, e.g. data transfer agreement, in place so that the recipients process the data in the same secure way as we do.

9.4 G.C. AB will not sell your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission to do so.

10. What are cookies and how do we use them?

A cookie is a small text file that stored on your computer. It contains information to enhance your experience. Some cookies on and are used to improve the website. These cookies save statistics about, for example, the visitor’s operating system and browser and which pages are more or less visited. No personal information is saved. Other cookies, s.k. session cookies are used for purely technical reasons for our online booking. Without session cookies, online booking would not work, because they keep track of your session ID during the time you book. Session cookies on our website are temporary and disappear when you close the browser.

If you do not allow cookies, the online booking will not have full functionality. However, our information pages work without cookies.

If you do not want to allow the storage of cookies, you can search for information about this in the browser’s help function.

You can read more about cookies in general on the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency’s website,

11. How do we protect your personal information?

We use IT systems to protect the confidentiality, integrity and access to personal data. We have taken security measures to protect your personal data against illegal or unauthorized processing. Only those people who actually need to process your personal data in order for us to fulfill our stated purposes have access to them.

In the case of sensitive personal data, we have set up special authorization checks, which means even higher protection for your Personal Data.

12. Your rights

12.1 G.C. AB is responsible for your personal data being processed in accordance with current legislation.

12.2 G.C. AB will, at your request or on its own initiative, correct, deidentify, delete or supplement information that is discovered to be incorrect, incomplete or misleading.

12.3 You have the right to request:
-Access to your personal data. This means that you have the right to request an extract from the register of the processing we carry out regarding your personal data. You also have the right to receive a copy of the personal data processed. You have the right to once per calendar year, through a written signed application, receive a free extract of the register of which personal data is registered about you.

Correction of your personal data. We will, at your request, correct the incorrect or incomplete information we process about you as soon as possible.

Deletion of your personal data. This means that you have the right to request that your personal data be deleted if it is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. However, there may be legal requirements that we may not immediately delete your personal data in, for example, accounting and tax legislation.

-Restriction of treatment. This means that your personal data is marked so that it may only be processed for certain limited purposes.

12.4 G.C. AB will notify each recipient to whom the personal data has been disclosed in accordance with section 9 above of any corrections or deletion of data and limitation of the processing of data.

12.5 Right to data portability. You have the right to request that the information that concerns you and that you have provided to us be transferred to another personal data controller (so-called data portability).

A prerequisite for data portability is that the transfer is technically possible and can take place automatically.

12.6 If you do not want G.C. AB processes your personal data for direct marketing, you always have the right to revoke your consent. Objections to such treatment are made via email to Once we have received your objection, we will cease to process the personal data for such marketing purposes.

12.7 If you believe that our processing of your personal data takes place in violation of applicable data protection legislation, we would like you to contact us, you also have the right to submit a complaint to the Data Inspectorate.

13. Change of privacy policy

G.C. AB has the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. The latest version of the privacy policy is always available on our website. For updates that are crucial for our processing of personal data or updates that are not crucial for the processing but which may be crucial for you, we will inform at and and via email before the updates take effect.

14. Contact information

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or the processing of your personal data. Our contact information can be found below:

A Beauty Light
Gladö Consulting AB

Heleneborgsgatan 44
117 32 Stockholm

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