Andullation massage

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Andullation - Massage with vibration and infrared heat

The andullation massage is a massage therapy. As therapy, Andullation belongs to the category of “biophysical” treatments. With this specific and unique technology, oriented and low-frequency vibrations are applied, while their amplitude and frequency are stochastically modulated. The infrared light provides a deep heat, which increases the effect of the vibrations. When the vibrations penetrate the skin, specific sensory cells are stimulated, such as the sensory bodies Pacini and Meissner. Vibrations and deep-acting infrared heat also provide a stimulus that dilates the blood vessels and provides better blood circulation in the respective tissue. The effect is a relaxed and comfortable feeling of warmth.

There is nothing hard or pressing that some people find painful in some massage chairs or massage chairs. On the andullation system, you lie comfortably on your back. The back position gives you greater relaxation as the spine does not have to keep up the body weight. With the legs high, blood circulation is promoted and proper lymph drainage is obtained during a andullation session. With this position, you are completely relaxed and avoid unnecessary muscle tension, which increases the effectiveness of the treatment: the higher the relaxation, the greater the effect of the treatment.

Andullation not only stimulates the skin and muscles, but also has a positive effect on the internal organs. The andullation is not directed at a specific organ or organ system, but has a positive effect on the essential bodily functions. It lays the foundation for maintaining and restoring good health.


Musculoskeletal pain – widespread disease:
Back pain is one of the most common diseases among the population today and it has its explanation. Work-related sitting, standing, bending and lifting, with the same monotonous movements and often incorrectly, strain the spine day in and day out. Andullation can be a very effective treatment for back problems and to relieve pain.

Because andullation is not directed at a specific organ or organ system, but positively affects the essential bodily functions, andullation can have a positive impact on our body.

Other ailments that can be relieved
The andullation massage can also give:

Osteoarthritis treatment
Blood circulation
Cystic fibrosis
Disc herniation
Fibromyalgia treatment
Joint problems
Lymphatic massage
Massage therapy
Migraine treatment
Restless legs treatment
Rheumatism treatment
Back problems
Back shot
Pain relief
Stress management
Sleep disorders

Massage therapy with andullation belongs to the new generation of treatment methods that are based on biophysics. There are 5 basic principles of action where the andullation can have a positive effect on our body.
Massage therapy with andullation is not aimed at a specific organ or organ system, but positively affects the essential bodily functions. It lays the foundation for maintaining and restoring good health.

The soft, comfortable contact with the skin through a massage therapist or a massage mattress can release inner tension and stiffness and in this way reduce pain. In particular, an infrared-vibrating massage therapy with infrared heat creates stimuli that result in dilation of the blood vessels, leading to improved circulation in the surrounding tissue. This effect is experienced as comfortable heat.

This can also be experienced as beneficial for those who suffer from mental disorders. Mental illness has an effect on organs and muscles via the spinal cord and vegetative nervous system. So-called psychosomatic diseases occur in this way. This close connection can be an advantage in therapy, where massage can be used to create a harmonious balance between the body and the psyche.

Likewise, massage can have a stimulating effect on organs that are out of balance. Slag products are released and flushed out via the increased blood circulation. Because each skin zone is connected with nerve reflexes on internal organs, an anti-vibration massage has an effect not only on the skin and muscles, but also on the internal organs. This is one of the most important components for maintaining overall health.

Deep infrared heat

Infrared heat emits hot waves that penetrate deep into the skin. This warms and stimulates the skin, so that the blood vessels expand and increase circulation.

The heat also opens the pores. Infrared heat helps to protect the health of your skin, as it has a stimulating effect on blood circulation.

Foot reflexology massage

Reflexology massage of the foot presupposes that the surface of the foot reflects the whole body and all organs.

Special zones in the foot correspond to different organs and body parts, which makes it possible to influence different organs via identifiable nerve connections and bring them back to harmony and balance through a massage of the sole of the foot.

1. The pelvic organs
2. The pelvic floor
3. The tailbone
4. The sacrum
5. Lumbar spine
6. Small intestine
7. Lateral colon
8. Appendix
9. Rising colon
10. Kidney
11. The small intestine
12. Pancreas
13. Binjure
14. Pylorus
15. Mage
16. Lower ribs
17. Gallbladder
18. Elbow indirect
19. Liver
20. Liver
21. Diaphragm
22. Lungs / bronchi
23. Shoulder joint / armpits
24. Thyroid / throat
25. Chest
26. Lungs / bronchi
27. Upper shoulder
28. The cervical spine
29. The skull base
30. Neck
31. Upper lymph nodes
32. Upper lymph nodes
33. Upper lymph nodes
34. Upper lymph nodes
35. Ear
36. Överkäke / Maxilla
37. Upper jaw / Maxilla
38. Upper jaw / Maxilla
39. Upper jaw / Maxilla
40. The wart bone committee / Proc mastoideus
41. Temporal bone / lateral jaws
42. Pituitary gland
43. Big brain
44. Hjässa
45. The cerebellum
46. ​​Spleen
47. Rectum / sigmoid
48. Falling colon
49. Upper stomach mouth
50. Heart
51. Ureter

We live in an era of remarkable technological development in many areas. Health standards have improved to such an extent in many countries that forecasts predict a jump in life expectancy in the coming decades. Reaching a hundred years is no longer an exception. That will be the norm.

Despite the increased standard of living, the number of mild disabilities and chronic diseases has shown a sharp and worrying increase. Many of these lifestyle-related illnesses, such as stress, burnout, obesity and cardiovascular pathologies, put additional pressure on healthcare and even employers. Today, health promotion work in companies is no longer a strange thing. Knowledge about stress and the importance of recovery has increased in recent years. With andullation therapy, the user gets a very effective physical and mental relaxation, increases well-being and performance.

HHP Massage System is the first certified medical device to create andullation massage with deep-acting infrared heat. The andullation technique is part of vibration treatments that are better known internationally as Whole Body Vibration (WBV), and refers to medical treatments using (non-manual) mechanical vibration to improve the health of users with various ailments and diseases. Andullations® technology emits specific low-frequency vibrations combined with short-wave infrared heat, which provides a relaxation for the user.

HHP Massage System has been developed in close collaboration with doctors, physiotherapists and masseurs. The latest scientific research has been incorporated. Safety and reliability mean a lot to hhp. ANDUMEDIC® 3 has been tested in accordance with the German law for medical products class 2 A (cf. 93/42 / EEC). Licensed manufacturer is METEK GmbH, which produces hhp’s products in Leinefelde-Worbis, Germany. The entire production process is subject to the highest requirements and is carefully controlled. This guarantees that even the highest quality requirements are met.

For a good effect of the andullation, we recommend that you start with 2-3 treatments a week for three weeks and then once a week for a few weeks. Then once a month or every other month depending on what you feel you need.

Are there any side effects? Infrared vibrating massage with vibrating heat is a regulatory therapy, which means that it supports and revives the body’s natural functions. Studies have shown that, with proper use, there are no obvious side effects. Andullation has a pronounced positive effect on the body. There are no categorical risk indications!

We recommend that you seek the advice of a physician for certain conditions, such as those with electronic implants, pregnant women, and patients with acute illnesses, before beginning long-term treatment with an Andullation-vibrating massage with infrared heat. The treatment is completely painless. A temporary increase in symptoms may occur during treatment and may be an expression of an activation of the metabolism and as such a positive sign.

We at A Beauty Light do not treat:
* Pregnant
* Newly operated
* You who have a pacemaker
* You who have a blood clot


To function, our cells need energy, which is provided by the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) molecule. In case of lack of energy, the cell dies. If the cell has enough energy, it is normally healthy, which is also reflected in the individual organs. In addition, well-functioning organs are a necessary condition for humans to stay healthy and in good health.

External factors that affect our cells
Our cells reproduce themselves regularly and create identical copies of their predecessors equipped with everything a cell needs to live. This is a very sensitive process which is therefore susceptible to disturbances. Unhealthy diet, the natural aging process, stress and environmental impact stress our cells. Their ability to produce energy and renew is diminished and they lose their vitality. Our normal lifestyle is therefore directly reflected in each individual cell. Therefore, we ourselves also affect the health condition of our organs. In this way, not only does the energy manifest in the cells, but rather corresponds to a loss of life energy.

Increase the energy in our cells
The andullation generates electrical microcurrents through mechanical vibration, which penetrates our cells and stimulates the production of ATP. For this, infrared deep heat facilitates the penetration of the mechanical vibrations in our body. This process ensures that the amount of energy in our cells increases, which in turn has a positive effect on our organs and thus on our health.

The andullation enables neurophysiological and hormonal superposition of pain signals. In the first stage, positive signals are triggered in our body, which suppresses the negative signals of pain. Due to this overlay, our brain receives more and more positive signals that relieve the pain. In the second stage, the andullation ensures a regular release of endorphins. Endorphins are also known as “the body’s own painkillers”.

Many ailments are related to poor blood circulation. Our blood supplies our body with nutrients. With poor blood circulation, this process is disrupted and we become tired and ill. Here are also differences in the blood flow between healthy and diseased blood. Blood cells of diseased blood stick together and shrink. As a result, the cells lose their vitality and transport fewer and fewer nutrients. The andullation sets the blood in motion and separates the blood cells from each other. Thus, the blood becomes more fluid and nutrients are transported again in larger quantities. And we feel healthier and more vital.

Physical relaxation
Exercising activities lead to muscle tension in our body. As a result, the muscles are not supplied with enough nutrients. The andullation helps to dilate the blood vessels and improve the blood circulation of the muscles. Nutrients are taken up again and the state of tension is dissolved.

Mental relaxation
Prolonged stress has a negative effect on the vegetative nervous system, which includes a stimulating part (sympathetic) and a calming part (parasympathetic). In a stressful situation, the sympathetic level is higher than necessary. Andullation restores balance by generating positive signals with mechanical vibrations, which counteract the negative sympathetic signals. The infrared heat causes the vibrations to reach deeper into the tissue. The stress level decreases.

The lymph is not only a component of our immune system, but it contributes significantly to the removal of slag products from the body. The lymphatic system is, in addition to the blood circulation, the most important transport system in the human body and specializes in transporting nutrients and waste materials, and above all disposing of pathogenic substances, such as bacteria and foreign bodies. Regular stimulation promotes a stable immune system and a well-functioning metabolism. Andullation stimulates the flow of lymph fluid and causes it to move. Thus, the Andullation is not directed at a specific organ or organ system, but positively affects the essential bodily functions. It lays the foundation for maintaining and restoring good health.

Andullation can be paid with your wellness contribution via Actiway! The receipt also applies to Benify!

Programs and indications

This post is also available in: Svenska