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Build muscle and burn fat with EM bodyslim Sculpturing

HIFEM – High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic technology is a non-invasive training method used to effectively and gently build muscle and burn fat. 30 minutes of treatment for the stomach corresponds to about 5.5 hours of training or 20,000 sit-ups. A treatment can increase muscle mass by 16% and burn 19% fat at the same time. Equipment such as Em-sculpt, Em-slim, Em-bodyslim sculpting all use the same technology; HI-EMT.

For whom is this treatment suitable?

We want to be clear that this is not a weight loss machine. This machine is for building muscle mass and strengthening selected muscles. Yes, it burns fat but by letting the muscles work.

Note! This is not to be confused with various Tens belts etc that are on the market.

Do you put a lot of focus on your body and exercise? Have you reached that nice body but lack the little extra that gives you visible muscles with clear contours? Then this is really the treatment for you! Extremely effective training on the parts you need.

Do you exercise regularly but nothing happens in some areas? With EM-Bodyslim Sculpturing, you finally get results on that stubborn belly, missing waist and missed lap lift.

For many, there is not enough time. With EM-Bodyslim Sculpturing, 30 minutes is enough to achieve 5.5 hours of training. You also do not get sweaty so you can immediately after a treatment go on to that meeting, back to work or pick up the children without showing up sweaty with tousled hair.

For those of you who do not “have the strength” to train

After a pregnancy, much of the abdominal muscles have been stretched and relaxed. EM-Bodyslim Sculpturing will help you on the right path again. One session gives you about 20,000 sit-ups! A recommended recovery course is 8 treatments spread once a week for two months.

There are a number of conditions where EM treatment is excluded.
This includes;
* You who have a pacemaker
* During pregnancy
* You who have had a heart attack or have a weak heart
* You who have some form of metal implant (Titanium works well though)
* You who have other types of medical implants
* You who have had a stroke
* You who have, or have had surgery for brain damage
* You who do not feel physically healthy

Bygg muskler med em-träning

This post is also available in: Svenska