Dr Platon Plasma Shower

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DR PLATON is a completely unique device that works anti-inflammatory on a whole new level, which means that we can now help you even better with inflammatory skin conditions such as ROSACEA and ACNE. In addition, completely without pain, risks or convalescence!

✔️Effectively reduces acne, rosacea and all inflammatory conditions
✔️Soothes and restores irritated, dehydrated and itchy skin (e.g. in atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis or seborrhea)
✔️Accelerates the skin’s healing processes, after trauma to the skin (e.g. sunburn, skin disease) or laser/chemical peel
✔️Has an anti-aging effect – Triggers epidermal regeneration, strengthens the skin’s immune system and epidermal barrier
✔️Increases the absorption of active ingredients that are applied to the skin such as serum
✔️Reduces epidermal pigmentation (especially inflammation-related)

Dr Platon Technology

Dr Platon’s aesthetic device uses Plasma Shower technology to convert the main gases in the air between the tip of the device and the patient’s skin (mainly oxygen and nitrogen), into non-thermal plasma, at temperatures of 35-40 °C. During the treatment, you can feel a little crackling on the skin and the smell of ozone. During treatment on the face, you can sometimes feel a slight metallic taste in the mouth.

Dr Platon is a professional device, with a very powerful cold plasma output. The device offers users 3 replaceable ceramic plasma plates. The non-thermal plasma is safe to touch and non-ablative. As a result, treatment by Dr. Platon requires no recovery time.

This post is also available in: Svenska