Hair removal men

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Hair removal men specifically

Men’s most common treatment areas are back, arms and buttocks. However, there are no unusual areas for hair removal on men! Do not be afraid to say where exactly you want to remove hair, you are guaranteed not to be alone. Men remove hair all over their body.

We treat everywhere except:

– Mucous membranes ex. inside the nose
– On the head (neck and face go well)
– 2cm from the eyes (between and over eyebrows goes well)

Hair removal men intimate

Many people choose to remove hair intimately with a laser. It can be only between the buttocks and the tail or pushed forward. Some remove everything so-called Hollywood. You choose what suits you. Be sure to shave the area about 24 hours before the treatment. This type of laser is not dangerous for the intimate parts and does not affect the function of the testicles.

With us, you can feel safe and secure that you receive professional treatment. We have performed laser hair removal intimately on men for many years. Our machine is equipped with super cooling, which means that the treatment does not hurt.

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hårborttagning män
Preparation for laser treatment of a man's back.

This post is also available in: Svenska