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Our website is very informative and you can find the answer to most questions here. If you want a consultation for Hairlaser, Emerald green laser, Dr Arnold, Wonder Prestige or Cryopen, we offer both digital and on-site at the clinic. You can find available times and book here. For other treatments and simpler questions, we are happy to answer via email, SMS, Messenger, DM & WhatsApp and get back to you by phone if you fill in the form below.

If you want us to call you when we have the opportunity, please fill in the form below.
When we call, we can answer simple questions and provide brief information about our services. For a full consultation for the services where we offer it, we can help you book an appointment for it.

If you fill in the form below, you agree that we will contact you primarily via your mobile number. We will get back to you as soon as possible but it may take from a few days to a week or so. We will call from number 0790-202063 or 076-2425211 and we will call weekdays between 8-21 and weekends 10-20. We will make a maximum of 5 attempts at different times.

This post is also available in: Svenska