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We offer both Alexandrite lasers and Triple Diode lasers. A session with the Motus Ax Alexandrite laser is a more expensive but more effective treatment than the diode laser and usually takes longer to perform. We have both a fixed price and a time-based price, you always get the price that is most beneficial for you. If you are not sure how long to book for Alexandrite, write to us and ask and we will answer as soon as we can.


NOTE! Hair must be shaved. Ideally, there should be an outgrowth of approx. 1mm, i.e. exactly 24-48 hours before.

Applicable legs. Many can do half legs in 35 min and full legs in 50 min, but we cannot guarantee that we will have time thats why legs are only available as time-based.

Hair removal triple laser Diode

ATTENTION! Hair must be shaved. Ideally, there should be an outgrowth of approx. 1mm, i.e. exactly 24-48 hours before.
In our packages, armpits can be replaced with 2X Mini area.

Short, medium and long boxer

Brazilian = intimate front where you choose if you want to save a small part and between the buttocks.
Hollywood = then you remove everything intimate in the front and between the buttocks.
Short/Medium/Long boxer = we remove everything you want in this area.


Intimates, armpits and beard are done with an interval of 4-5 weeks while the rest of the body with an interval of 8-10 weeks.

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ATTENTION! All areas to be lasered must be shaved before treatment! We do NOT shave in place. If you want to show how the hair looks when it has grown out, please take a photo. Ideally, there should be an outgrowth of approx. 1mm, i.e. exactly 24-48 hours before. However, the hair must NOT be longer than 2mm.

We laser everywhere except on mucous membranes and on the head (neck & face are fine) and no closer than 2 cm from the eyes.

*Mini area=: ears, the edge of the nose, between the eyebrows, fingers and hands (one hand), toes and feet (one foot), nipples.

For price comparison laser hair removal Stockholm

In order to compare prices for hair removal, you should also compare the equipment used. The machines used are Alexandrite lasers, Yaglaser, Diodelaser and IPL. The nanometers used by the lasers (not IPL which is a lamp not a laser) are Alexandrite 755 nm, Diod 808 nm and Yag 1064nm. Laser hair removal with genuine crystal-based Alexandrite laser is usually a more expensive treatment than with a Diode laser. Alexandrite laser with moveo is a more advanced machine, it is a little more time consuming but also gives more effect per treatment. You should also keep in mind which therapist you choose. Is the person trained and certified for the machine(s) they are using? Does the person have experience and is he/she thorough? If e.g. a whole body is performed in 60 min, so you can assume that it is done rather quickly.. A modern triple diode laser is usually almost painless, while an Alexandrite laser can hurt a little, especially intimately. Our Alexandritelaser Motus Ax Moveo is equipped with a sweeping technology (moveo), which means that it also provides basically painless treatments, even intimately.

You can read more about the alexandrite laser Motus Ax Moveo from the  Italian medtech company DEKA here. The Swedish retailer and trainer is  Synos Medical.

Alexandrite laser with moveotechnique

Trippel diodelaser

This post is also available in: Svenska