Vibration plate

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Vibrations have several positive effects on our health

Here at A Beauty Light, we use the vibration plate as part of the treatment of Lipoedema and fat reduction due to its good effect in helping the lymphatic system, but a vibration plate can do more than that for our body.

With FitnessPlate, you take vibration training to a new level. With small quick up-and-down movements, it sets your body in motion and with the help of these shakes / vibrations that occur, it activates muscles in your body that you do not access through conventional training or that you did not know existed at all. The product also has the function of deep microvibrations that are used for classic vibration training. 15 minutes of training at FitnessPlate is equivalent to about 60 minutes of circuit training at the gym because the vibrations activate your muscles on a much deeper level. The effect of this is that you use up to 50% more of your muscle mass. Your training will be more effective in a short time and fat burning will increase significantly. When fat burning increases, the possibility of rapid weight loss is also a fact.

In addition to increased fat burning and weight loss, FitnessPlate has a number of other beneficial and strengthening effects:

The product strengthens small muscles and joints with minimal strain on your body. This is a great help for people who for various reasons can not / can not stress different body parts.
Studies have shown positive results for people suffering from aches and pains.
Due to the vibrations, FitnessPlate speeds up your lymph system – which can contribute to better health in general as the lymph system helps your body maintain fluid balance, clear out slag products and is also an important part in defending yourself against viruses and bacteria along with the immune system.
People suffering from arthritis can be helped because the best treatment according to physiotherapists and experts is precisely dynamic load.
People who suffer from osteoporosis or are at risk can benefit from using FitnessPlate as the treatment for this condition usually consists of a shocking load, regardless of whether it is for preventive purposes or not.
For women who have recently become pregnant and need to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor, this product can be recommended.

This post is also available in: Svenska