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Hair removal with triple laser 755+810+1064 nanometers – DIOD

The latest diode technology with Trio handset and the wavelengths Alex 755nm, Diod 810nm & YAG 1064nm. Equipped with super cooling. Fast and almost painless laser treatment. We can treat all skin types 1-6 but it is difficult to get good results on skin type 6 and also skin type 5. The hair must be darker than the skin.

ATTENTION! Hair must be shaved. Ideally, there should be an outgrowth of approx. 1-2mm, i.e. shave 24-48 hours before.
In our packages, armpits can be replaced with 2X Mini area. You can find the entire price list at a glance here.

Cancellation no later than 36 hours before the booked time. Time not canceled is charged according to the booking conditions.

Click on "visa mer" at the booking type to show info in english.

This post is also available in: Svenska