Laser hair removal price

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Laser Hair Removal Price

We have both fixed prices and a time-based price. You always get the price that is most advantageous for you!

Full body woman * 2200kr

Full body man * 3500kr

Hair removal face

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Hair removal upper body

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Hair removal lower body

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Hair removal price / time

Time required

Time required approx. less than 15min; Axillary. Upper lip & between eyebrows. Whiskers. Fingers & toes. Ears & nose. Stomach string. Knees. Bikini line. The beard line.

Time required approx. 20 min; Face.  Lower legs. Forearms. Brazilian / hollywood woman. Breast. Stomach. Shoulders & neck. Ham & squat. Axillary & bikini line. Brazilian / Hollywood men. Axilery & Brazilian / hollywood woman.

Time required approx. 20 min;
Whole legs. Full back incl. neck & shoulders

Time required approx. 50min; Stomach and chest incl. forearms.  Brazilian / hollywood woman incl. lower legs & axils.

Time required about 80min; Whole torso including whole arms.

Time required approx. 140min; Almost whole body. Whole legs, whole arms, half upper body (front and back) (and for women also intimate).

Time required approx. 170min; Whole body. Whole legs, whole arms, whole upper body, and intimate (both men and women).

* For full body, a maximum price of SEK 2,200 is guaranteed for women (book 110 min) and SEK 3,500 for men (book 170 min)( ncludes EVERYTHING also intimate for both women and men. Estimated time consumption is preliminary. All prices assume that the areas are shaved.

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We laser everywhere except on mucous membranes and on the head (neck & face go well). You combine the surfaces you want to laser. Time and areas stated above are approx. Times.

Note that ev. cancellation of time must be made no later than 24 hours before the visit! Non-canceled treatment is charged with SEK 400.

This post is also available in: Svenska