Booking Hair laser

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We offer laser hair removal with true laser Alexandrite or Diode

For those of you who have been customers since before September 22, it is Triple Diodelaser that you have been to. Now we also have a crystal-based Alexandrite laser. Choose below which laser you want to book. You do not have to have done a consultation before you book, but you should have read through our information about hair lasers here.

Hair removal with MOTUS AX MOVEO – ALEXANDRITE The Motus Ax Moveo is a further development of the traditional crystal-based Alexandrite laser but with advanced moveo technology and a 5000W strong motor. A well-developed cooling system makes the treatment almost painless. Crystal-based Alexandrite laser is as much as 20% more efficient than the diode laser. Treats all skin types 1-6.

Hair removal with TRIPLE LASER 755+810+1064 nanometers – DIODE

The latest diode technology with Trio handset and the wavelengths Alex 755nm, Diode 810nm & YAG 1064nm. Equipped with super cooling. Fast and almost painless laser treatment.
Treats all skin types 1-6.

This post is also available in: Svenska