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* NO Surgery
* NO Pain
* NO Recovery Time
* NO Negative side effects

This cold laser reduces fat and cellulite and increases the collagen in the skin, creates ATP (energy) in the mitochondria of the cell, and reduces inflammation. In other words, you get smoother skin, a smaller range and increased energy as a side effect. There are absolutely no risks with this treatment!
This laser has been used in studies since 2012 and has been used by general practitioners since 2014 and the new Emerald is the only non-invasive treatment that is medically FDA approved even for obesity / obesity.

Why choose laser for fatreduction?


Many people struggle to lose weight. They do everything right when it comes to exercise and diet, but due to various imbalances, stubborn fat cells or disease, they do not achieve the desired results. Of the treatments available today, cold green laser is the only treatment that is completely without surgery, pain or negative side effects. It also has no recovery time and has a proven medical effect.

VERJU/EMERALD is used by large obesity clinics around the world and in some cases replaces Gastric Bypass operations & liposuction

Emerald and lipoedema

There are a number of different treatments to improve the disease but many e.g. Liposuction causes both pain and scarring. For those who suffer from Lipoedema, it is not as easy to reduce the extent with the help of Emerald as it is for someone who suffers from obesity. This is because in Lipoedema you have a chronic disorder in the fat cell. BUT Emerald also works for Lipoedema, but more treatments are needed. Above all, Emerald reduces the constant pain, you usually notice a big difference already after the first treatment. With Lipoedema, it is likely that you will need treatment for a very long time, perhaps a lifetime. If you have been diagnosed with Lipoedema, we have a special agreement developed just for you.
With Emerald, you are treated completely without surgery, pain or negative side effects. Many often want to devalue new methods and stay in old outdated treatments. One does not believe in new technology. We fully understand that, but if you suffer from Lipoedema, we really want to recommend you to try cold green laser Verju or Emerald. Lipoedema is a lifelong disease and very difficult to live with. We hope that more people will dare to try this treatment. We are convinced that we can make life easier for most people who suffer from Lipoedema. Read more about or treatment for Lipoedema here.

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Emerald is perfect for you who want to define the muscles. Emerald empties your fat cells without affecting muscle mass. Simple, painless and at the same time gives you an energy boost!

Emerald not only helps reduce your size. Green laser treatments also improve your immune system, many people feel that they get more energy and simply feel better. Emerald normalizes your fat cells and makes them healthy again. A healthy fat cell produces essential substances for your body, such as those that deal with your aging. An abnormal fat cell loses this ability and we age faster. Emerald can also help you who suffer from diabetes and you who suffer from inflammation in the intestinal system, for example in IBS stomach.


The company Erchonia is a world leader in the market in low-energy lasers. Their laser technology holds the most FDA approval in the world (14 out of 16 in total).
Today, research is underway in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases with very positive and promising results.

Erchonia has also developed a medical laser that helps fat cells release their contents, the triglycerin. VERJU / Emerald – It is painless, without side effects and does its job. Centimeter by centimeter disappears from the fat depots, completely without damaging either the fat cell or anything else in the body.

Studies show that high blood fats are lowered, inflammation is reduced and the body’s own healing & recovery is boosted, thanks to increased energy production in the mitochondria.

It is the only FDA (510K) approved medical cold laser for fat reduction even for obesity / obesity.
It is a painless non-surgical treatment with cold laser that has no side effects
It preserves biological functions by not destroying the fat cell
360 degree coverage of the body.
An average result of a 15-centimeter reduction in 6 treatments without lifestyle changes (6 measurement points) and a large improvement in the appearance of cellulite (FDA 510k) on cellulite)
Fast processing times
Approved for the treatment of overweight and obese / obese patients
Results are classified as ‘non-temporary’ by the FDA

VERJU / EMERALD is used by major obesity clinics around the world

Verjú is a laser system that consists of 6 low-energy laser beams that “reduce fat, cellulite and define the body without a surgical procedure”. The latest version is called Emerald and has as many as 10 laser beams, almost twice as many as Verjú.

It reduces fat from:

– Stomach – Butt – Hip – “Love Handles”
– Back – Thighs – Arms – Cellulite

Info, studies, FDA

How Verjú’n & Emerald works

Verju / Emerald (532nm) uses light energy that identifies and stimulates
a photoreceptor (a fat cell that absorbs light)
It activates a secondary cascade, which provides a larger treatment area
The photoreceptor in the fat cell converts light into signals that can stimulate a biological process, in this case it affects the behavior and function of the fat cell
It creates a temporary pore in the fat cell to break down and release intracellular fluids, triglycerin.
These ‘free fatty acids’ are then transported from the body via the lymphatic and circulatory system
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The result of the temporary pore in the fat cell

The temporary pore was observed after 6 minutes of treatment with 532 nm (green laser)
– The triglycerin is extracted from the fat cell
– Extensive fat cells are drained and collapse

What happens to the fat cell then – does it die?
NO – The fat cell is kept completely intact!

Which is very important because fat cells are an endocrine organ that regulates metabolism. If they are removed, for example by liposuction, a disturbance in the body’s system is caused. Many then experience increased hunger.

Important biological functions regulated by the fat cells:
– Energy balance
– Insulin sensitivity
– Blood coagulation
– Glucose metabolism
– Feeding behavior
– Immunity
– Lipid metabolism
– Blood pressure control
– Angiogenesis

The temporary pore is open between 30-72 hours, then it closes. And the cell is emptied but intact, like a raisin.

Where does fat go?

Fat leaves the cell and enters the extracellular space. Which means that the fat “floats freely”.

What Happens to Fat – Triglycerides?
• It is absorbed by the lymphatic system
• It is transported via afferent (active) lymphatic vessels to the lymph nodes
• It is broken down by macrophages (large white blood cells)
• It is transported to the circulation system and used as fuel / energy

Similar to the process of natural use of fat as a fuel – Fat burning.

How do we know that the released fatty acids do not enter the bloodstream?
How do we know that fat is not being sent to other parts of the body?
Studies show it

How much fat is extracted from the fat cells?

For every 9 cm in circumference (at 6 measuring points), approximately 1.8 liters of fat are released and metabolised safely
Since fat has a lighter density than water, this does not mean much weight loss to begin with, but volume loss!

How much fat is it?
To take a few examples:
– 74 packs of ice cream
– 42 cheesburgers
– 21 bottles of wine
– 84 bottles of beer

2 liters of fat is about 12,600 calories and to burn that much you need to:
– Swim 40 hours in a row
– Play tennis for 21 hours in a row
– Run for 17 hours in a row

How does a treatment work and how long does it take?

The treatment is completely painless and you feel nothing. Since it is a cold laser, you do not even feel the light from the laser. You lie down on a treatment bench, first on your back and then on your stomach. The treatment time with the laser is 30 minutes.

How many treatments do I need?

The exact answer to that is of course difficult to give, so we always take a first consultation together. Where we get knowledge about your problems and what you want to achieve.
A recommendation is to start with 6-12 treatments and based on the results then move on.
During your first visit, we will also look at what we together and you as a customer can do to get better results from the treatments.

What results can I expect?

The studies show that after 1 treatment once a week for 6 weeks, the test subjects at 5 measuring points have decreased by just over 15 cm (15.78). And a 1 degree reduction on the Nurnberger-Muller Cellulite Scale (25% reduction).

What we want to point out is that the result also depends on how good your lymphatic system is. The better, the better the results!

How long does it take before you start seeing results

In the measurement before and after a treatment, you see results directly in centimeters on the measuring tape.
Some even see and feel results on their body already after the first treatment, but it is very individual. The best measure is usually how the clothes fit and most people feel that they fit looser after a couple of treatments. Most people see results after 4-6 treatments and friends and family see it too.

How long does the result last?

The treatment is classified as “non-temporary”. Which means that if you maintain a healthy diet and that along with exercise, you can expect a sustainable result.

Are there any contraindications

There are no risks whatsoever with this treatment! No negative side effects!
No pain, no tissue warming, no surgery so you can continue your daily activities as usual immediately after the treatment.

In contrast, while the laser reduces fat and the appearance of cellulite, it increases collagen in the skin, creates ATP (energy) in the mitochondria of the cell, and suppresses inflammation. In other words, you get smoother skin and increased energy as a side effect.

What is required of me?

But if you want better results, you should optimize your lifting system by drinking plenty of water.

At each session, you will receive a lymphatic massage that keeps the system running.
Lymphatic massage is also something you can do on your own and you get information on how.
Wearing compression garments after treatment is also good.
Reviewing Diet & Exercise for better results is recommended.

Can I do a round of treatment several times?
And if so, when can I start again?

Yes you can and you can start right after the first round.

Together with your therapist, you will receive the information needed and what is the appropriate treatment time and number of sessions for you. And when and if it is relevant with another round of treatment.

How soon after a pregnancy can I take treatments?

The recommendation is that you start only after the post-check-up with a midwife (about 8 weeks after delivery). If you are breast-feeding, it may be a good idea to start when you have finished breast-feeding.

Are all candidates for Verjù / Emerald treatment?

Medically, everyone with a BMI between 25-30 is overweight. BMI 30-40 is Obesity class 1 and BMI 40+ is Obesity class 2.
However, the problem may look different. Some have the fat over the stomach while others have the disease lipedema – over the hip and buttocks.
Even people who are not overweight reduce the size around the hip, buttocks and abdomen during a Verjú / Emerald treatment.

What studies have been done?

Clinical Studies

How long has Verjú / Emerald Laser been used?

It has been used in studies since 2012 and has been used by general practitioners since 2014. The latest laser, Emerald, with as many as 10 laser beams was released in July 2020 and is available at the time of writing at 3 clinics in Europe 5 clinics in the USA.

Emeralds own pages     Instagram: @emerald_laser

Of course, green laser also works for your dog or cat. However, we do not perform treatments on animals during regular clinic hours. Contact us for consultation and booking.

The receipt for Emerald treatment applies to wellness contribution at Benify!

This post is also available in: Svenska