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We have several different payment options. You can pay on the spot with Swish, card, KLARNA, or even cash.
You also have the opportunity to pay in installments for a course via SVEA, read more and apply here.
There is also the possibility of other special arrangements for you who want to do a treatment course. We can discuss what we can offer you on the spot. We almost always find a solution for everyone. Welcome to book a free consultation.

Emerald Laser course Green Intense 2x/week*

Emerald Laser cutting card* (valid for 24 months)

Combination Emerald Laser & Wonder Prestige EMS*

Special offers*

*Clipcard are valid for 24 months. *Terms for combinationoffer. *Prova på gäller endast en gång per person. *InBody 970 body analysis. *Green Intense is to be performed within specified weekly period.

The receipt for Emerald treatment applies to wellness contribution at Benify and the treatments can also be paid for with Epassi.


The treatment is completely painless and you feel nothing. The treatment time with Emerald is 30-60 min.
No other similar treatments on the market are FDA approved to treat overweight / obesity. Emerald treats both overweight / obesity, lipoedema and cellulite. It makes you both lose weight and lose cm in measurment. A longer course of treatment can in some cases replace gastric bypass surgeries, sleeves, stomach balloons and the like.


Emerald normalizes your fat cells and makes them healthy again. A healthy fat cell produces essential substances for your body, such as those that deal with your aging. An abnormal fat cell loses this ability and we age faster. By not freezing, burning or removing your essential fat cells that are part of the endocrine system, the body’s energy balance is not disturbed. We thus avoid the body compensating with more fat than in, for example, surgery. Many get fat elsewhere on the body to compensate for the fat cells that have been removed. This method is thus healthy and a completely natural process – we empty your fat cells, but keep them intact and alive without disturbing the body.

Is this method permanent? – Yes, it counts as a permanent treatment method while maintaining a lifestyle.


Most of us probably see fat cells as the enemy that accumulates volume which then becomes love handles or car rings. Fat that simply makes us feel older and have a poorer self-image. Because of this, many turn to methods that focus on eliminating fat cells such as liposuction or fat freezing methods. New research shows, however, that such methods are ultimately both ineffective and counterproductive.

If you are looking for spot treatments, you should be aware that these methods, which eliminate fat cells, only involve a temporary appearance difference. Statistics show that fat cells within a year regenerate and become larger in new places on the body, such as arms or back, to compensate for the fat cells that were eliminated. After this, the fat will also be regenerated at the places where it was eliminated from the beginning. Fat cells are regenerated if they are eliminated, and therefore Emerald can be the solution instead!


Emerald enables fat cells to release their fat content which then disappears through the body’s lymphatic system. After this, the fat cells become healthy and send the right messages to the brain, which means that the rest of your fat cells act in the same way. You simply need your fat cells to be able to communicate the right messages to the brain. This changes everything!

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This post is also available in: Svenska