Hair removal women

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Hair removal women

Laser hair removal women specifically

Women’s most common treatment areas are the upper lip, axils (armpits) and the bikini line. However, there are no unusual treatment areas! Do not be afraid to say where exactly you want to remove hair, you are guaranteed not to be alone. Women remove hair all over their bodies.

Good to know about laser hair removal

We treat everything except:

*On mucous membranes ex. inside the nose *On the head (neck and face go well) *2cm from the eyes (between and over eyebrows goes well)

Can pregnant women do lasertreatment?

Pregnant women must wait until after pregnancy.

Have you suddenly had problems with a lot of hair growth?

Hormonal disorders can cause girls / women to get too high a production of male testosterone and therefore also a lot of hair on the body. It can occur at, for example, puberty or menopause. Contact your GP if you feel unsure. They can make sure that an investigation is done and that you get the professional help you need. Of course, you can also in this case be treated with laser, but if you find a hormonal disorder, you can get medication that restores the hormone balance in the body.

Facial Hair Removal - Women

It is very common to remove hair on, for example, the upper lip, chin and between eyebrows. Many also remove sideburns. What is important to keep in mind is to never laser where you do not have problems with hair growth. The laser can then instead trigger dormant hair follicles. If you want to remove hair all over your face, we recommend that you start with an intensive treatment. The area is then treated once a week for four weeks. Then you wait about 2 months and see if you respond well to the treatment before moving on.

Hair Removal Intimate - Women

Many people choose to remove hair intimately with a laser. It can be only between the buttocks and the tail or a bikini, extended bikini. Some remove everything so-called hollywood but it is common to save a small triangle or string (Brazilian). You choose what suits you.

Can you laser intimately during menstruation?

Yes, it works well if you use a tampon or a menstrual cup.

What does bikini, brazilian or hollywood mean

This post is also available in: Svenska