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Remove birthmarks and other skin blemishes

We at A Beauty Light work with Cryopen treatments in Stockholm, Södermalm. Cryopen removes unwanted skin spots in just a few seconds. Read about more questions about Cryopen or contact us for more information.

How does it work?

Cryopen works with cold to effectively treat various skin conditions. The treatment takes only a few seconds and only 1-3 treatments are required to remove the desired skin spots. It is a gentle treatment that works with millimeter precision that does not damage surrounding tissue.

What can you remove?

Cryopen can remove birthmarks, liver spots, pigment spots and much more that you can read more about here on A Beauty Lights page.

More questions?

You will find many answers on the “read more” button below, otherwise contact us or book a free consultation with us in Stockholm.

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Cryopen treatment

This post is also available in: Svenska