LED light treatment

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LED light therapy is suitable for the whole body

Light therapy with 7 different lights that can be adapted to the skin’s needs. You can treat, for example, face, neck, décolleté, back, etc. Infrared light that is supplied via light therapy is good for the skin. Infrared light that we get through sunbathing, however, is not good for the skin as it is combined with UV rays.

Treatment with LED light improves the body’s natural cellular recovery, speeds up healing, treats active acne, provides skin rejuvenation and more. The treatment adds a concentrated energy deep into your tissue that affects your body at the cellular level without harmful UV rays.

LED lights can be used as a stand-alone or as a complementary treatment.
The deep LED lights are soothing, they target deep into the skin cells to increase blood flow, stimulate faster healing, reduce pain, reduce acne and more.

The treatment is completely painless and suits everyone, it works both for preventive purposes and helps to reduce already visible lines.

Can be combined with facial treatment such as chemical peels, microneedling and tixel / mesotix.

LED light treatment is the new beauty trend, read more in the magazine Elle’s article.

What does the yellow LED light therapy do:

*Promotes wound healing
*Skin rejuvenation
*Reduces inflammation

The yellow LED can be used immediately after treatments such as cosmetic injections, RF resurfacing and microneedling. Because these treatments can cause inflammation or sores on the skin, the yellow light will speed up the recovery time normally associated with these treatments.

What does the blue LED light therapy do:

*Reduces inflamed acne
*Reduces the acne bacterium

The blue LED lamp specializes in eliminating the bacteria on the skin and in the pores, which can cause acne. It reduces acne and improves the natural healing process and thus the appearance of the skin. Used in combination with facial treatment and chemical peels for acne.

What does the red LED light therapy do:

*Skin rejuvenation
*Reduces inflammation and pain

Stimulates the deeper layers of the skin without damaging or irritating the upper ones. The LED light treatment stimulates collagen formation, improves blood flow, oxygenation to the cells and nutrient uptake into the blood vessels. The light has a detoxifying effect and pain and inflammation are reduced. Red LED light is often used to treat the skin disease Rosacea.

Equalizes the skin tone and is effective as Anti-aging, wrinkles, fine lines, balances color pigments and makes aging skin absorb the necessary nutrients faster.

LED light treatment is a popular beauty trend, read more in the magazine Elle’s article.

Red light: 635nm
Green light: 560nm
Blue light: 415nm
Purple light: 308nm
Yellow light: 590nm
Orange light: 610nm
White light
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This post is also available in: Svenska